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Simple Military - Cartoon War 
A Simple military asset pack with characters, vehicles, buildings, props and effects to add to our other Simple assets. Build an epic battlefield jam packed with action, This is our biggest pack yet! Helicopters included by popular demand, follow us on the forum. Includes demo scene and full mecanim setup. 
Includes a FPS Hand rig for First person games

20 Characters - 3 Variations each 
Soldier01, Female Soldier, Female Medic, Medic, Bomb Disposal, Gas Mask Soldier, General, Jungle Commando, Mercenary, Pilot, Training Soldier, Special Forces01, Special Forces02, Special Forces03, Special Forces04, German Soldier, Terrorist01, Terrorist02, Terrorist03 and Eastern Soldier01. 
Approx 300 tris 
512x512 texture

12 Weapons 
Pistol, Assult Rifle01, Assult Rifle02, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Rifle, Sub Machine Gun, RPG, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Flash Bang and a Mini Gun

13 Vehicles 
Tank01, Tank02, APC01, APC02, Armored Car, Fuel Truck, Troop Truck01, Troop Truck01, Attack Helicopter, Transport Helicopter, Portable Radar, Medic truck

93 Environmental Prefabs 
Ammo Boxes, Apartment Buildings Damaged, Barracks, Barrels, Barriers, Military Buildings, Crates, Dirt Boxes, Fences, Flood Lights, Fuel Tanks, Ground Asphalt, Ground Dirt, Heli Pad, Metal Boxes, Minni Gun Stand, Missle Launcher, Mud huts, Office Buildings Damaged, Palm Trees, Power Pole, Road Pieces, Rocks, Rubble Piles, Sandbags, Speakers, Spools, Store Buildings Damaged, Tank Stop, Targets, Tents, Tire Pile, Walls, Walls Damaged, Guard Tower and Broken Concrete Walls.

39 Animations with mechanim setup 
Idle, Walk, Run, Wave, Sitting, Wave, Check Watch, Wipe Mouth, Running Jump, Standing Jump, Falling, Death01, Death02, Leaning Against Wall, Smoking, Sexy Dance, Cross Arms, Hands On Hips, Idle Cross Arms, Idle Hands On Hips, Crouch Down, Crouch Idle, Crouch Up, Grenade Throw, Salute, Handgun Shoot, Handgun Reload, Auto Single Shot, Auto Full Auto Shoot, Auto Reload, Sub Machine Gun Single shot, Sub Machine Gun Full Auto Shoot, Sub Machine Gun Reload, Shotgun Shoot, Shotgun Reload, Mini Gun shoot, Mini Gun Idle, Rifle Shoot Reload and RPG Shoot.

3 Effects 
Fire, Smoke and Steam.