RTS Human Buildings - Low Poly Hand Painted


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This package contains 11 low poly Fantasy Human RTS Buildings with hand painted textures that are ready to be dropped into any game project.

4k atlas texture can be easily be downsized as required.

  • Banner 232 Tris (Animated)
  • Cauldron 793 Tris (Animated)
  • Barracks 1343 Tris
  • Factory 976 Tris
  • House 585 Tris
  • Mine 570 Tris
  • Smithy 768 Tris
  • Oracle 1047 Tris (Animated)
  • Throne 1431 Tris
  • Tower 358 Tris
  • Wood Cutter 637 Tris
  • Town hall lvl1 1495 Tris
  • Town hall lvl2 3248 Tris


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