Golem - Polygonal Series - Meshtint Studio

Requires Unity 2017.1.1 or higher if you are using Unity.

This pack contains Golem. It's rigged and animated.Textures are available in 3 colors. Total 20 animations. Humanoid mecanim rig set up. Triangle count is 2512.

See videos and images provided for model/animations preview.

  • Idle
  • Walk forward with root motion
  • Walk forward without root motion
  • Run forward with root motion
  • Run forward without root motion
  • Walk backwards with root motion
  • Walk backwards without root motion
  • Strafe left with root motion
  • Strafe left without root motion
  • Strafe right with root motion
  • Strafe right without root motion
  • Punch attack
  • Double punch attack
  • Hit ground attack
  • Cast Spell
  • Defend
  • Jump without root motion
  • Jump with root motion
  • Take damage
  • Die

The demo scene is using these FREE unity assets:
  • Post Processing Stack

Only FBX and PNG are be provided in the package. Additional fee is required for working files.