Autumnal Nature Level Set - 3dfancy

Let's get started on your fantasy game with this low poly and hand-painted 3D asset by 3dfancy. Most elements are Modular and can be reshaped, re-arranged and assembled  quickly and easily to form a variety of new Autumnal Nature Level Sets. The models use one texture atlas at 4094x4096pixel for the environment and assets and 2048x2048 pixel for Alpha textures

Autumn Level Set contains the following models:

  • 14 Bones
  • Wall Concave
  • Low Wall Concave
  • Wall Convex
  • Low Wall Convex
  • Wall Special
  • Low Wall Special
  • Wall Tile variability
  • Low Wall Tile variability
  • 16 floor variability
  • 12 Flower variability
  • 04 Grass variability
  • Leaf_decal
  • 04 Rock Decor variability
  • 16 RockFormation variability
  • 02 Stair
  • 39 Trees variability