Ancient Palace Set - Faceted Style

This is a beta release of a faceted, VR-ready construction kit for building ancient multi-story palace. The building blocks are very versatile and can be used in many ways to build exteriors as well as interiors. This beta release includes one sample scene as well as the complete set of building blocks to make your own prefabs with. We are currently working on building larger pre-designed elements such as corridors, wall sections and more which we will add to this set with the next update.

All elements are closed objects which makes it easy to place them without seams. The texture is an atlas with simple color swatches to make changing colors a breeze. 5 color variations are included.

This set is compatible with other "Faceted" sets.

Included in this package are all elements as seen on the sketchfab previews.

UPDATE: 28.10.2016

A range of level building blocks has been added to speed up the process of stringing together a level.




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