Do you offer a discount for Students?

Yes! Please contact with proof of your student status, and we'll sort you out. Discount is 50%.

Can I share the assets with a collaborator?

The Indie license now allows you to share with one collaborator, Studio up to 6 people can share the assets from one company.

Will this auto-renew?

No, it's a single one-off payment. So no surprise auto-renew at the end of your license period.

What's not allowed?

Some common-sense limitations do apply,

  • You cannot sub-license a downloaded model or texture.
  • You cannot download a model and sell it directly to another client/customer.
  • You cannot distribute the 3D asset incorporated in a derivative work if the derivative work is too similar to the 3D asset.

Is it all Bitgem assets?

Yes! But please play nice, only download items you intend to use in a project.  

How long is my license valid for?

Anything you download is yours to keep forever, royalty-free!

Does that mean I can download EVERYTHING?

Yes, but as we said above please play nice :) Focus on shipping your game not hording assets you'll never use.

Unlimitied Access Expiring

When your access expires your downloaded assets are still licensed. You will just lose access to downloading new items published after your expiry date.

Updated 31st August 2020