Game Jam Sponsorship

Bitgem is proud to support the game development community. If you’re hosting a Game Jam, we can offer, free digital assets, judging (we love playing games 😊), promotion via our email newsletter list and social channels. Get in touch with our team using the contact form below to find out how we can support your event.

Free Digital Assets

Bitgem can provide digital stock assets, such as 3D models, textures & more for event participants to use in their Game Jam projects.

Expert Judging & Advice

In addition to running our Game Jams, the Bitgem team consists of industry experts with years of game development experience. We’re happy to share our expertise and provide advice & judging for your event.

Promote Your Game Jam to the Bitgem Community

Leverage our channels to promote your Game Jam! Reach a highly engaged community of game developers, 3D modellers & more through Bitgem’s email list and social media accounts.

Get in Touch with the Bitgem Team to Learn More!

Get in touch with the Bitgem team using the contact form below and learn how we can help you take your Game Jam to the next level.