Stylized PBR Indoor Textures Bundle - Qwedeath

This pack contains 12 customizable materials powered by Substance. Each material configurable in many ways remaining unique hand painted/stylized look.

Every material has a unique and stylized look due to the manual sculpting and painting process. There are many ways to customize your materials, for example, you can change settings like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation. Roughness contrast and the brightness is also editable. Every material has its own settings, so, for example, you can only change the hue of the wood or the brightness of the stone. Through the Substance plugin, you can even change patterns on the walls or generate another random seed for different colour and roughness variations. This pack also includes 3 Pattern customizable wall materials with 5 unique pattern variations each.

Tech Info:
Pack includes:

  • 12 Substance based material instances for both Unity and Unreal.
  • 6 for wall segments and
  • 6 for floor segments.

Texture size: 2048x2048
Texture style: PBR
Supported platforms: PC, Console, Mobile

UE4 users require this free plugin