Slava Z.

Mech Constructor Humanoids - SlavaZ

The pack contains over 70 prefabs of different modules, that will allow you to create numerous combinations of ready to fight mechs.
The robots are extremely easy to assemble - just drop the parts into the corresponding containers and they'll snap right into place.
The poly count of units varies from 2.3k to 4.2k tris. The textures vary from hand-painted 4k diffuse atlas, which looks good even unlit, to the set of PBR maps.


  • Legs (3 levels) 
  • Humanoid arms (3 levels) 
  • Weapon mount arms (3 levels) 
  • 18 Cockpits 
  • 6 types of Shoulders
  • 10 Backpacks 
  • Shields (6 variations) 
  • Shotguns (5 levels) 
  • 3 types of Claws 
  • 2 HandGuards 
  • 2 Saw variations 
  • Hand Minigun (3 levels) 
  • Hand Shotgun (3 levels) 
  • 5 more hand weapons 


There are 2 types of mechs in the pack, and only one type is animated (the "crouched" ones).
You can animate the second type of units by retargeting humanoid animations
(Worked well in Unity, didn't manage to get it working in Unreal).

  • Idle 
  • Walk 
  • Turn while walking 
  • Run 
  • Turn while running 
  • Turn on place
  • Death 
  • Activate/Deactivate 
  • Punch, Block 
  • Push, Pull object 
  • Lift, Throw object 
  • Idle, Walk with object 


Tightly packed hand-painted 4k diffuse atlas.
7 color variations included. The included source PSD
is easy to tweak to get more.
Set of flat color PBR textures (5 colors).
Set of realistic Camouflage
textures (6 colors).


Unity package included! 

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