Orc Stronghold Starter Set - Hand Painted Series

Deep in the mountains, the Orcs have built a fort. A stronghold from where they plan to raid the settlements in the green valley below.

This modular, low poly, hand painted dungeon tile set comes with a multiple wall elements, a dungeon entrance, a level to level door as well as a room to room door and backfill rock objects.

This set will be added to over time.

  • Furnace [New]
  • Table [New]
  • Chair [New]
  • Weapon Rack [New]
  • 3 Floor Tiles
  • 9 Rocks
  • 3 Wall Segments
  • 1 Wooden Pillar 
  • 1 Wall Grinder
  • 1 Orc Wall Banner
  • 2 Level Doors
  • 1 Internal Door

Unity Package Included