Cemetery & Crypt Theme Set - Proto Series


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  • 240 toon cemetery scene and level building assets.
  • 214 underground modular toon crypt dungeon building assets
  • 2 D&D toon hero characters. Rigged and Mixamo ready
  • 7 Skeleton toon monster characters. Rigged and Mixamo ready



Cemetery Level Building Set

A set for building cartoony cemetery scenes and levels. The set includes assets such as gravestones, path stones, obelisk, crypts, skulls, dead trees, level border stones, a cemetery gate, fence elements, decorative candles and a dungeon entrance. Most assets have 3 levels of detail (LOD) to make them suitable for outdoor scene building.

Crypt Dungeon Set

A set for building cartoony, modular underground crypt dungeons and levels. Assets include wall elements, arches, pillars, ceiling and floor tiles, skull piles, candelabras, pots, stair elements, level entrance and exit doorways and doors, a boss doorway, a throne and glowing crystal lamps. Assets are suitable for building top-down dungeons as well as first or 3rd person point of view levels.


  • D&D toon ranger with bow and arrow. 
  • D&D toon knight with sword and shield.


  • Skeleton toon king with sword. (Animated)
  • Skeleton toon crossbowman with crossbow and bolt. (Animated)
  • Skeleton toon mage with a book. (Animated)
  • Skeleton toon grunt with a spiky ball on-chain. (Animated)
  • Skeleton toon warrior with sword and shield. (Animated)
  • Skeleton toon barbarian with a sword. 
  • Skeleton toon generic. 

 All characters are rigged and Mixamo ready.

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