Dungeon Starter Set

Get started on your new game prototype quickly with this low poly, hand painted dungeon starter set. It contains a number of floor, wall, pillar, half wall and stair tiles to help you generate all sorts of dungeon levels. Models are lightweight and optimized for mobile as well as AR and VR game development.


Contained in this pack are:

  • 3 unique wall tiles
  • 4 unique floor tiles
  • 1 floor pit
  • 3 floor divider elements (to hide floor material seams)
  • 3 wall corner types
  • 1 arch
  • 1 pillar
  • 1 plinth
  • 1 wood door
  • 1 metal door
  • 1 dungeon entrance
  • 1 dungeon exit


They come in a range of formats that will easily import to all major 3D software packages or game engines out there.


Unity package included!



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