Skeleton Swordsman

A low poly, hand painted skeleton warrior for your low brow warfare fighting missions. He comes with a bunch of charismatic animations and is suitable for VR and mobile game development.

3D Package Details

  • 3D File Formats Included: .fbx (multi format), .ma (maya), .obj (multi format)
  • Animated: Yes
  • Created In: Maya 2013
  • Geometry: Polygons
  • Materials: No
  • Poly Count: 2912
  • Rigged: Yes
  • Textured: Yes
  • UV Layout: Yes
Animation List:
  • Frame: 0030-0059: backpedal (loop)
    Frame: 0090-0102: charge start
    Frame: 0119-0136: charge (loop)
    Frame: 0153-0203: charge end
    Frame: 0205-0245: default attack
    Frame: 0250-0285: die
    Frame: 0290-0355: frenzied slash
    Frame: 0360-0400: gethit back
    Frame: 0405-0430: gethit front
    Frame: 0435-0470: gethit left
    Frame: 0475-0510: gethit right
    Frame: 0574-0633: idle (loop)
    Frame: 0695-0736: jump
    Frame: 0740-0785: roar
    Frame: 0813-0836: run (loop)
    Frame: 0865-0915: shield bash
    Frame: 0920-0950: shield block
    Frame: 0974-0993: shuffle left (loop)
    Frame: 1034-1053: shuffle right (loop)
    Frame: 1075-1125: spawn
    Frame: 1159-1188: strafe left (loop)
    Frame: 1249-1278: strafe right (loop)
    Frame: 1339-1368: walk (loop)

Unity package included!