Treasure Chest - Polygonal Series - Meshtint Studio

Requires Unity 2017.1.1 or higher if you are using Unity.

Polygonal Series Treasure Chest

This pack contains Treasure Chest and Treasure Chest Monster. Treasure Chest is a normal chest. Treasure Chest Monster looks identical to normal Treasure Chest when it's in resting animation. You can use them to trick players to create interesting game play. Players won't know if it's the real treasure chest or not until they open it! They are rigged and animated.Textures are shared among them and are available in 3 colors. Treasure Chest has 4 animations and Treasure Chest Monster has 19 animations. Both generic mecanim rig set up. Treasure Chest's triangle count is 622 and Treasure Chest monster's triangle count is 1160.

See videos and images provided for model/animations preview.

Treasure Chest's animations:
  • Open
  • Close
  • Open to Close
  • Close to Open

Treasure Chest Monster's animations:
  • Idle
  • Walk forward with root motion
  • Walk forward without root motion
  • Walk forward fast with root motion
  • Walk forward fast without root motion
  • Walk backward with root motion
  • Walk backward without root motion
  • Strafe right with root motion
  • Strafe right without root motion
  • Strafe left with root motion
  • Strafe left without root motion
  • Bite attack
  • Lick attack
  • Jump without root motion
  • Jump with root motion
  • Resting
  • Rest to Idle
  • Take damage
  • Die

The demo scene is using these FREE unity assets:
  • Post Processing Stack

Only FBX and PNG are be provided in the package. Additional fee is required for working files.