Zombie Snapper - Low Poly Hand Painted


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A low poly, hand painted zombie snapper. The snapper is the piranha amongst the zombies. He is a nimble and quick lightweight that cannot take much of a beating but when you encounter a group of them they can eat the flesh off your bones faster than you can say OUCH!

He comes with a set of charismatic animations and is perfect for mobile as well as AR and VR platform game development.

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Package Details

  • 3D File Formats Included: .fbx (multi format), .mb (maya), .obj (multi format)
  • Animated: Yes
  • Created In: Maya 2013
  • Geometry: Polygons
  • Low-poly: Yes
  • Materials: No
  • Poly Count: 1720
  • Rigged: Yes
  • Textured: Yes
  • UV Layout: Yes
  • Tested and compatible with: Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Source, Amazon Lumberyard
  • Suitable for mobile game development: Yes

Zombie Snapper Animation List

  • frame 0030-0059: backpedal (loop)
  • frame 0090-0124: bite
  • frame 0169-0208: bite repeatedly (loop)
  • frame 0250-0275: death
  • frame 0280-0332: enraged
  • frame 0340-0379: get hit from behind
  • frame 0385-0429: get hit from front
  • frame 0435-0469: get hit from left
  • frame 0475-0509: get hit from right
  • frame 0515-0557: headbut
  • frame 0619-0678: idle (loop)
  • frame 0740-0789: jump
  • frame 0795-0869: roar
  • frame 0898-0921: run (loop)
  • frame 0969-0988: shuffle left (loop)
  • frame 1034-1053: shuffle right (loop)
  • frame 1075-1129: spawn
  • frame 1164-1193: strafe left
  • frame 1254-1283: strafe right
  • frame 1315-1359: swipe
  • frame 1394-1423: walk

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