Barnyard Blaster August Game Jam Results

by Matthias Andre September 30, 2014

We have announced the winners for our August Game Jam: “Barnyard Blaster!” on the forums. It’s been an amazing Jam with really good entries! :)

You can check them out here:

Cantankerous Critters by Andrew Neale

Livestock Launcher by @mr_mcgregor

BitFarm Shooter by Mario Gattringer

Henhouse Black Ops by Meic

Lupus Hunter Dilbert by Stefan Kohl

Magical Farmer by @AlgittStudios

Cock'A'Doodle by @teamluckyred

Angry Chicken by @alsoesp

Farm Defenders by Crowbox

Tank Rescue by Jon Bednez

We had a blast and are looking to start the next jam as soon as possible so stay tuned :).

Matthias Andre
Matthias Andre

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